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Welcome to Pure Cross Training!

Mission: Prepare Christian Warriors through Physical Preparedness, Faithful Discipleship and Spiritual Unity. Seek God, Train Smart, Work Hard, and Never Give Up!

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This organization is specifically designed to disciple, train and spiritually lift men. We are a Christian Training Organization designed to create strong well balanced spiritual leaders (at home, work and everywhere else) in this crazy world full of bad examples, distractions and sex appeal. Not only are we passionate about training to be a warrior in Christ, but also avid believers in providing a safe guarded environment where men can focus on training and fellowshipping with other men in Christ (iron sharping iron), rather than the distractions of the enemy (what the opposite sex is wearing and/or putting out there, negative media, etc...). This is why Pure Cross Training is a men only organization at its core. I want this to be a fearless place for men to workout, hang out, be held accountable, receive and become mentors, be men and learn to boldly become Christlike. It's a lot more than just fitness or health, but a daily opportunity to balance your life and choose to place Christ on the throne. We encourage at times to involve your family and significant others, but place an enormous value on setting your eyes on Christ and removing unnecessary distractions when possible.

  Your membership funds will go to expand and grow our facility to support your needs better. Your membership will also be instrumental in helping to support the bible based Christian Training/Ministry God has inspiring through this organization. I am always learning and seeking to better myself as I hope and desire you are doing for yourself. We will never disregard constructive criticism and want you to be able to enjoy growing with Pure Cross Training. I look forward to you becoming an initial member and hopefully lifelong supporter and athlete with Pure Cross Training! Thank you for supporting this virtue and valuing your desire to Train Hard, Work Smart, Seek God and never giving up!!!

P.S. While we are still working on our online content (fitness, nutrition, discipleship, and securing a commercial facility, etc…), there are also future plans to participate in group mud runs, charity events, in house competitions, etc... Sign Up for our newsletter to stay connected. --->


Workout – Zombie Dash

Written by Chris Rountree. Posted in Workouts

trail runningWorkout: 2 Rounds for Time
A) 1.5 Mile Run
B) 5 minute rest
C) 300m Sprint
D) 5 minute rest
Image from: BruteRunningShoes.com

Post your score!

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