Pure Cross Training

Same Name, New Idea!

openforbusinessPure Cross Training is an affiliate branch of Operation Cross Training. We are more community, everyday oriented. This is where the information from Operation Cross Training is played out in the real world. I’m excited to get this up and going. There was a lot of indecisiveness on the structure of Pure Cross Training/Operation Cross Training, and I feel God has really provided a solid door to step through.

A simple explanation of the logo (below). The star resembles the north star (or the way to find Christ) and the middle red line represents the blood of Jesus (which leads to the star). The circle is the protection of God and our Salvation. So, if you read between the lines, we are saved and righteous through the finished work of Jesus who sets us on the straight and narrow path, being protected by God. Now, lets get out there and apply that to life!


Some of the original members!!!